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Welcome to Bewitching Stitch!

What is it? A site for sharing crochet information, patterns, completed projects, links, etc.

The idea for this site all started with the Facebook Temperature Yarn-Along Group. I became obsessed with mixing my regular job as an elementary science teacher with a craft that I also love, crochet. The opportunity to mix it up became an obsession. I wanted to open this page in order for people who have made or are making temperature blankets to share their projects, but also do it in a way where we can compare location, scales, yarn choices, and more. I also decided to include information on exactly what IS a temperature blanket and how to make one here as well.

While I was at it, I also decided to include submissions of other projects.

And then came my other obsession – color! Now, I have LOVED color since childhood. I was always drawing, but I had a thing for color organization. This lead me to have rainbow wallpaper when
I was a teenager. Now, as a teacher, I have everything coordinated in my classroom using colors. With that obsession, also comes the creation of color palettes, specifically from nature images, and choosing yarns that go with that palette. I will say up front that I am a cool-color person and I do gravitate toward those, more so than the warm or earth-toned colors. So, when left to my own, I will most likely choose palettes or images that appeal to me. That being the case, I have opened up the submissions to include photos for creating a color palette.

Please check out the menu both above, and the categories to the left as I add more content. Don’t forget to check out the links page as well, and don’t be shy about making a suggestion. Membership right now is available above for free (under “Home”) – and may continue to be free. However, there may be some content that is only available to those that have created an account. Right now, to get started, everything is open/public, but I may make submission pages only available to members.

All posts are available on the News page, but are also categorized based on their content.

Thanks for visiting!